A person uses both logic and emotions during decision-making process. Decisions take place as a result of a constant cycle between these two.

Therefore, we believe that communication must be designed in order to appeal senses, logic and emotions at the same time. That is to say, communication should be based on both insight and imagination. Creativity, which is not directed by insight, would not have long lasting results.

Therefore, we wanted our brand identity to be a symbol of our main idea.

We have asked our logo to be designed according to this insight and wanted it to reflect the cycle between these two phenomena. Here, yellow and round icon signifies emotions and grey and square icon signifies our logic. When you make these two icons into one cycle. It turns into our logo: the seed.

In short, the message is like a seed that is trying to grow in an everchanging environment in-between emotional and logical seasons. You need to know when, where, how and why you will plant this seed. We are here to provide this knowledge for you.