Communication without insight is like a ship on open waters with no compass. You never know where it will arrive.

Insight is often confused with data or information. Insight is found by rigorous and in depth analysis of data and information, where you can finally see the primary cause behind it. To ignore this primary constituent of communication is nothing else than undermining your brand or company. Foresight studies consists activities that are employed to envision the indicators that may shape the future of your brand or company. To be able to plan your future, first you need to foresee the plausible scenarios and prepare your strategy accordingly.


Connecting moments in Saudi culture

We have analyzed the moments of connection in Saudi culture for a tobacco brand. This study revealed insights on the cultural significance and codes that would lead to a strong brand positioning.

Autonomy of children in Moroccan culture

We have analyzed the autonomy of children in Moroccan culture and how it’s depicted in the media for a global FMCG brand. This study revealed foresight for new product development.

Trend mapping of innovation in Turkey and MENA region

We have facilitated and overseen trend mapping study under vision and strategy workshop for ATÖLYE, a transdisciplinary innovation platform in Istanbul. This workshop took place together with 42 participants and we have envisioned the trends that will take place in the following three to five years in terms of innovation in Turkey and MENA region. The findings led ATÖLYE to make strategic decisions for defining their new vision for near future.