We do semiotic research and analysis to find essential insights, cultural codes and trends for your branding and/or communications. Cultural codes are historically/culturally meaningful constituents within a society. If you can associate your message with these constituents, that message can be more impactful. You need to plan the concepts, ideas, colors, symbols and messages beforehand in order to create meanings and impact. For detailed information, contact us.


Cultural codes of soup

We have done an analysis to reveal cultural codes and sensorial signifiers behind the concept of soup in Turkish culture for a global FMCG brand. The findings provided insights for strategic decisions for new product development and marketing strategies.

The relation between crispness and deliciousness

We have done a cultural insight and semiotic study to understand how crispness of certain foods affect the perception of deliciousness in Turkish culture. The findings revealed basis for new product development for the region.

Signifiers of female beauty in Saudi and UAE culture

We have studied the dominant and emergent codes of female beauty in Arab culture. This study helped the brand define their marketing strategy.